In this example, you are looking at a "new thread windows", as seen by a registered and logged in user.

The username is already filled. In case of a guest user, there would be an input field for the username and an extra spam-check filter, that has to be filled.

Thread Subject field is obligatory when posting a new thread.

Anonymous Mode will change the username AND user number into one of the ones available. Useful when wanting to hide who you are while posting something, without the use of proxies or other ways.

Post Icon is not mandatory, and is None by default.

The "Smilies" box shows a few smiles you can add to your post. Clicking View All (Slow!) will open an extra zone with smiles.

Adding a Poll is as easy as checking the I want to post a poll checkbox and selecting the number of options under it. If checked, you'll be taken to another page when posting, where you'll be asked to introduce the poll options text.

The thread subscribe system is by default on Subscribed without Email notification,

The button Post Thread will post your thread on the forum.

The button Preview Post lets you preview your post as it will look in the forum.

Save as Draft will keep your post on your Draft folder, without posting it.

The blue link Upload image will open a new box that will allow you to upload an image from your computer or from another place on the web, giving you a link or links to post it at LoP.